Spinning Cross

Shady Hill Baptist Church

Spinning Cross
Message From The Pastor


Pastor James A. Richmond

There is no better time than the present to learn about the tenets of Christianity. There is no better place to begin the process than in the word of God. The Shady Hill Baptist Church provides biblical insight through reading, teaching and preaching His Word between disciples and firneds. Learing about biblical people, places, principles and chronology becomes exciting, interesting, and informative. This is the aim of our church. The environs and personalities at the church inculcate a sense of closeness, trust, and abiding faith in God and people. I never envisioned that our church would develop and promote cyberspace capabilities that offer the world a peek into the work we do for the Lord. Nevertheless, it has happened and we are thankful for the opportunity to share the Good News. I am convinced and confident that what seems impossible is truly possible with God by human hands and hearts. Come enjoy the worship, study and fellowship with us in the pursuit of biblical knowledge applicable to daily living.

Dr. James A. Richmond, Sr., Ph.D., D.D., Senior Pastor